Why Me?

Why Me?

The question is, why should you hire me?

Finding the right guy who can play what you want, be reliable and adhere to tight deadlines can be a hassle at times. 

With years of experience in the studio and live, your tracks can have the exact sound, feel and deadline you require. 

It all begins with an idea, your idea. I can take that and create what you want. Quality to me is the most important ingredient to make the song come to life and it's exactly why I do what I do. The next is time, I love to produce high quality drum tracks in a timeframe that suits your needs. Most of my work is remote due to this. 

And finally, cost. I aim to deliver the upmost quality for the best price. In a world where everything is going up, I intend to keep my prices affordable for every musician from amateurs to professionals so you can focus on the creative element of doing what you love to do.

Drop me a bell via instagram at www.instagram.com/tommywildgust or via the contact form.