What services do you offer?

Online recordings, Online lessons, live sessions & tours/events.

How much do you charge?

Depending on the complexity of your project I charge from £120 for online recordings, £40/hour lessons and contact me for tours.

Why should I use you?

Quality, speed and reliability. I pride myself on having the best work for my clients. From start to finish the experience will be smooth, easy & simple.

Do you offer educational content? 

I offer lessons - 30 mins or 60 mins, contact me for a discounted bulk package.

 How long have you been playing?

I started when I was 11 in high school - so that's 12 years ago now!

 Where do you record?

I record at my home studio in Bolton, Manchester UK. I can use acoustic drums or electronic drums depending on your preference. 

Can I send you ideas that I want my track to sound like?

Yes, please do send any material for the sound & style you are after. The more detail the better.

How can I contact you?

You can email me: hello@tommywildgust.com or via the contact form.

Where do you travel to?

I travel all over the UK for services just contact me for details.

What styles do you play?

Pop, rock, punk, jazz, blues, funk, country, lofi, house, trap, EDM.

I want to learn drums can you teach me?

Yes absolutely, regardless of skill level I can teach you whatever interests you most about learning the drum kit.

How do I book lessons, recordings, live sessions?

Contact me for slots available for you.

How do you structure the lessons?

Depending on level I structure your lessons in an easy to digest, simple way. I design all the material myself so it completely cuts out all the nonsense and you can start implementing what you learn immediately.

Can I bulk buy lessons, recordings, or live sessions?

If you would like to book 5 or more lessons, recordings, live sessions please reach out, you will receive a discount of 20% per item.

Payment/technical FAQ's:


The session/event is cancelled can I get a refund? 

I cannot accept refunds for live sessions/events without at least 48 hours notice.

Is there a cancellation fee?

If you cancel within 48 hours of booking, we will give you a full refund minus the Cancellation Fee of £25.

I am not happy with the recording can I get a refund?

In the small chance you are not happy with the result, I offer revisions for online recordings, please contact me when working on your order to get it corrected.






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